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Embrace a like mind.

Experience a lean process.

Expect an uncommon result.

Once we've successfully collaborated with you and discovered the necessary credentials, we're clear on both the skill set and the character that's strong enough to change the face of your company. Then we're ready to apply laser focus and bring you the few who can be that perfect fit.

For us, that's typically three-to-five high caliber candidates who are passionate about your company. That's also the best use of your time and energy.

We know you're busy. We manage the process and won't waste your time. We make sure this hire is a priority for you and are tenacious in getting interviews to happen. We'll drive the pace.

Unlike the 30/60/90 process that's too often the norm in this business, we simply commit to finishing searches with great outcomes. We never give up.

“You get bullet points: what you'll like, what you'll be concerned about. With extraordinary accuracy. Bill never suggested that I meet a candidate that was a waste of time.”

Ed Kania – VC, Flagship Ventures